Expert System artificial intelligence

A Product Form Design Expert System Using Integral Schemes of Artificial Intelligence and Hybrid Kansei Engineering
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ABSTRACT To meet the trend of globalization, enterprise must continually develop new products to survive. Although new products bring about profit and benefit, they are not risk free. The reasons that cause failure of newly developed products could be attributed to 

Artificial Intelligence Based Expert System For Hepatitis B Diagnosis
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ABSTRACT The health of population, which is based primarily on the result of medical research, has a strong impact upon all human activities. Among the most important medical aspects are considered the good interpretation of data and setting the diagnosis. But 

Application of Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Network Management Security: An Expert System Application for the Detection of Abnormal Behaviour
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ABSTRACT This paper presents the conceptual and functional architectures as well as an implemented prototype of an intelligent system for the detection of the intentions of network users. The approach to designing and structuring such a system is based on task analysis 

Artificial Intelligence and The Law: How to Develop a Rule-Based Legal Expert System in Prolog
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This article demonstrates the key techniques for developing a rule-based legal expert system. It also introduces the reader to basic aspects of PROLOG, such as goal-oriented programming, backtracking and the interaction between PROLOG facts and variables. 

Artificial Intelligence Expert System for Minimizing Solid Waste during Highway Construction Activities
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ABSTRACT The development and the main features of an Artificial Intelligence rapid prototyping expert system for highway construction, called Highway Construction Expert System (HCES), are described. This rapid prototyping has been developed for giving 

Role of Artificial Intelligence   Expert System in: Business Competitiveness
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ABSTRACT Today's global economy requires increased attention to the issue of business competitiveness. Business information system or Artificial Intelligence and expert system raise the competitiveness of enterprises in the global market. Business intelligence as the