ac dc drives

Power factor improvement and harmonic current reduction in dual feedback PWM controlledAC/DC drives.
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ABSTRACT -The electrical power industry has grown rapidly and loads are changing from simple, non-electronic loads to electronic ones. These electronic loads draw a non- sinusoidal current even when the supply voltage is perfectly sinusoidal. In this paper PWM 

Harmonic Mitigation in AC–DC Converters for Induction Motor Drives by Vector Controlled
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ABSTRACT This paper deals with autotransformer-based multipulse ac–dc converters with reduced magnetics feeding vector controlled induction motor drives for improving the power quality at the point of common coupling. The proposed 12-pulse ac–dc converter-based 

Installation And Operating Experience of 12-Pulse AC/DC Converter Fed AC Drives In Recovery Boiler
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ABSTRACT In this paper, the Installation and operating experience of Recovery Boiler drive power supply system and ID fan drive input current Harmonics in the 12-Pulse AC/DC converter fed AC Drives was studied. The 12-pulse ?-Y type o

A Novel Technique for EnergyCost effective Drives for AC   DC motors
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a new approach to reduce the losses of AC  DC motor by using the modified system. Energy Conservation is the starting point of an Energy Management plan to reduce the overall cost of production and operation. Normally AC