antiferromagnetic storage media-pixie dust

Pixie dust: the silicate features in the diffuse interstellar medium
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ABSTRACT We have analyzed the 9.7 and" 18" µ m interstellar silicate absorption features along the line of sight toward four heavily extincted galactic WC-type Wolf-Rayet (WR) stars. We construct two interstellar extinction curves from 1.25 to 25 µ m using near-IR extinction 

The gospel according to Disney: Faith, trust, and pixie dust
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In this follow-up to his bestsellingThe Gospel According to The Simpsons: The Spiritual Life of the World's Most Animated Family, religion journalist Mark Pinsky explores the role that the animated features of Walt Disney played on the moral and spiritual development of 

Goodbye to'Pixie Dust'? A New US Development Strategy in Haiti
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Given the less-than-desired results in sustained poverty alleviation and economic growth in Haiti despite the past allocation of significant foreign aid dollars, the Obama administration launched a review of the United States government's approach toward development 

Faith, trust, and pixie dust
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CONCLUSION It is impossible to work in this business for many years without using magic. The job is too tough. Magic cuts through the doldrums. Magic energizes compassion. Compassion binds people together. The next time you run into a really tough hearing aid 

Empathy Probes in Brazil:Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust!
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ABSTRACT In this paper, we will describe an on-going project that is being conducted in Vila Rosrio, a slum community in an area near Rio de Janeiro. Firstly we will explain how through the empathy probes approach some keymembers of this community started to 

Research Automation as Technomethodological Pixie Dust
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focus groups. For very limited domains, it may be possible to automate data gathering of this kind. However, this is not qualitative research. Putting a human in the loop does not necessarily make research qualitative; telephone 

Introducing Parallel Pixie Dust
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? A definition of the memory wall is the effect that one gets when the rate at which a processor may retire instructions exceeds the bandwidth of the memory sub-system.? The use of Amdhal's law has been highly effective in concealing this issue: 90% of the time