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An efficient data integrity scheme for preventing falsification of car black box
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Abstract:This paper propose an efficient scheme to enhance the security of vehicle black box. The proposed scheme can be used to prevent the falsification of black box data such as data forgery and modification. The proposed approach was tested using a commercial

Design and Implementation of Car Black Box with Collision Avoidance System using ARM
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Abstract:This paper is proposed to develop a low cost system which provides solution to the existing automotive control issues. This system has two main principle components namely Vehicle to Vehicle Collision Avoidance Unit (VVCAU) is used to avoid crashing

Forensic Analysis Technique of Car Black Box
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Abstract The 'Statistics of Disclosed Insurance Fraud in 2013'by the Korean Financial Supervisory Service reveals that the volume of car insurance frauds has increased by 21% between 2010 and 2012. Car insurance frauds account for 60% in all insurance frauds.