discrete environment research papers

A measure of state transition of collective of stateless automata in discrete environment
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ABSTRACT In this work a collective of interacting stateless automata in a discrete geometric environment is considered as an integral automata-like computational dynamic object. For such distributed on the environment object different approaches to definition of the 

Mutually visible agents in a discrete environment
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ABSTRACT As computer controlled entities are set to move and explore more complex environments they need to be able to perform navigation tasks, like finding minimal cost routes. Much work has been done on this problem with a single entity in a continuous 

Reinforcement learning of a spiking neural network in the task of control of an agent in a virtualdiscrete environment
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ABSTRACT Method of reinforcement learning of spiking neural network that controls robot or virtual agent is described. Using spiking neurons as key elements of a network allows us to exploit spatial and temporal structure of input sensory information. Teaching of the 

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ABSTRACT The present report details a model for implementing diffusion in a discrete space. Formulated in 2004 in support of artificial development experiments, the model is mathematically justified starting from the diffusion equation. It has physical plausibility and

Resource competition in a discrete environment: Why are plankton distributions paradoxical?
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For nearly all natural waters, planktonic organisms will be distributed discretely in the fluid mechanical sense. This means that the dynamics of planktonic ecosystems occur among discrete particles, not continuous scalar fields. This idea was first suggested by Hurlburt ( 

A comparison of discrete versus continuous environment in a variance components-based linkage analysis of the COGA data
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We explored the use of continuous versus discrete environment in variance components based analyses examining gene × environment interaction in the electrophysiological phenotypes from the Collaborative Study on the Genetics of Alcoholism. 

Discrete time hedging of OTC options in a GARCH environment: a simulation experiment
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 is generally not the case. 4 3Note that in a discrete environment, the hedge parameters will not give a perfect hedge but rather one which on average reduces risk. 8 Page 9. 5 Simulation Experiment As noted in the introduction 

Particle filter based tracking in a detection sparse discrete event simulation environment
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Drew A. Title Particle filter based tracking in a detection sparse discrete event simulation environment Publisher Monterey, California Naval Postgraduate School 

The Vissim/discrete Event Modeling Environment
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 It also discusses using some of the facilities provided by VisSim. 2 TASK GRAPHS A model in the VisSim/Discrete Environment consists of a number of simulation objects and one or more task graphs. Each task graph depicts the behavior of set of tasks (or processes).