iSphere Technology

iSphere Technology is used to make 3D models in easier approach and this task is as creative as free hand sketching. iSphere is a 3D input device with 24 degree of liberty. This device contains 12 sensors that are capacitive in nature and embedded with the dodecahedron. These all are used for manipulating all twelve control points of 3D geometries. This device uses the same top to bottom approach of three dimensional modeling. This approach saves a lot of loads from low level machines. You can still experience the high level concept of 3D modeling in case the input is analog.

It will allow you to push and pull the surfaces of a 3D design. There are several experiments have been accomplished to show that iSphere provides efficiency by saving a lot of effort. It saves the step where you need to select the control points. In this device the focus is mainly on the development of the required product not on the bits and pieces of its making procedures. New designers who would like to try their hands on 3D manipulation; iSphere is a boon to them. Conceptual modeling has become easy by iSphere now. Usually making 3D manipulation is not at all easy for designers.

iSphere: a Proximitybased 3D Input Interface
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a 24 degree of freedom input device for 3D modeling. iSphere uses proximity information to pull out and pressure on a capacitive sides to press in on 12 control points of a 3D surface simultaneously. The device can additionally be

iSphere: a free-hand 3D modeling interface
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Making 3D models should be an easy and intuitive task like free-hand sketching. This paper presents iSphere, a 24 degree of freedom 3D input device. iSphere is a dodecahedron embedded with 12 capacitive sensors for pulling-out and pressing-in manipulation on 12