li-fi Light-Fidelity research papers

Voice Activated Li-Fi Operated Surveillance System
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Abstract:Light-Fidelity (Li-Fi) is the technology that transmits data through a method of 'illumination'. The intensity of light varies at a very high rate and cannot be followed by human eye. In Li-Fi, the light can be switched on and off at high speeds. Here, LED's can

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)-An Overview to future Wireless technology in Field of Data Communication
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Abstract The new member of wireless data transmission family is Li-Fi which uses the concept of flickering light faster than human's eye ability for data transmission. As we know speed of light is much more than existing wireless data transmission technique, it is like to

Li-Fi Technology: Data Transmission through Visible Light
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Abstract: Li-Fi stands for Light-Fidelity. The technology is very new and was proposed by the German physicist Harald Haas in 2011. Li-Fi provides transmission of data through illumination by sending data through an LED light bulb that varies in intensity faster than

LI-FI in Indian Railways
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Abstract: Li-Fi is a wireless communication system in which light is used as a carrier signal instead of traditional radio frequency as in Wi-Fi. Li-Fi is a technology that uses light emitting diodes to transmit data wirelessly. Li-Fi is a form of Visible Light Communication (VLC).

Li-Fi (Light Fidelity)-The Future Technology in Wireless Communication
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ABSTRACT Whether you're using wireless internet in a coffee shop, stealing it from the guy next door, or competing for bandwidth at a conference, you have probably gotten frustrated at the slow speeds you face when more than one device is tapped into the network. As

Li-Fi Based Patient Monitoring System
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Abstract: In the past pace of life it is difficult for people to be constantly available for their near ones who might need them while they are suffering from any disease or physical disorder. So constant monitoring of the patient's body parameters such as body

Li-Fi: The Future Bright Technology
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Abstract-In our day-to-day routine, one of the most important activities is transfer of data from one place to another. But, the current wireless networks are very slow when multiple devices are connected to the internet. Wi-Fi based on radio waves. When the number of devices

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Abstract Motivated by the looming radio frequency (RF) spectrum crisis, this paper aims at demonstrating that optical wireless communication (OWC) has now reached a state where it can demonstrate that it is a viable and matured solution to this fundamental problem.