ovonic unified memory

Ovonic unified memory-a high-performance nonvolatile memory technology for stand-alonememory and embedded applications
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ABSTRACT Summary form only given. The development status of Ovonic Unified Memory (OUM), a phase-change non-volatile semiconductor memory technology for VLSI stand- alone memory and embedded applications, is discussed. Using 0.18 µm 3 V CMOS, cells 

Reliability of ovonic unified memory
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Page 1. 1 Reliability of Ovonic Unified Memory Neal Mielke Intel Corporation Stephen Hudgens Ovonyx Inc Brian Johnson Intel Corporation Tyler Lowrey Ovonyx Inc Page 2. 2 Agenda • Introduction: OUM Memory • Reliability Capability • Degradation Mechanisms • Future work 

Programming speed in ovonic unified memory
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ABSTRACT Ovonic Unified Memory (OUM) is based on materials in which the phase change (PC) occurs by the application of an electrical signal. In principle OUM devices should be able to replace all electrical memories including those with very strict limitation