patch antenna in Aircraft

Introduction Modem military and commercial platforms such as aircraft, ship and land vehicles are This will greatly reduce the weight, size and cost of antenna platforms. we proposed and demonstrated a novel concept of reconfigurable leaky-mode patch antenna structure Experimental Study of the Two-Layer Electromagnetically Coupled Rectangular PatchAntenna

Increased bandwidth patch antenna
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The patchantenna satisfied these requirements. These characteristics that make the patchantenna suitable for use in aircraft and missiles also make it suitable for use in hand-held and mobile personal communication devices.

Combination antenna
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GPS and VHF functions. No adding or separation of the VHF and GPS signal information is required and the low patch antenna profile enables a low and aerodynamically shaped antenna for the beneficial use on small aircraft. solution has been realized by two stacked shorted annular elliptical patch an- tennas. Index Terms Dual band, Global Positioning System (GPS), microstrip antenna, multipath. accuracy has increased considerably ranging from geodetic surveying to aircraft landing control

Tunable microstrip patch antenna and control system therefor
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In contrast to the narrowband performance of conventional microstrip patch antennas, satellite communication (Satcom Particularly, a typical UHF antenna requires a square which is two to three feet When used on aircraft, these antennas intrude into the aircraft by as much as 12

Microstrip patch antenna with omni-directional radiation pattern
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E-Systems, Inc. Aircraft cellular communications antenna. 51, NO. 10, OCTOBER 2003 Topology Design Optimization of Dielectric Substrates for Bandwidth Improvement of a PatchAntenna In this paper, we focus on optimum topology/ma- terial design of dielectric substrates for bandwidth enhancement of a simple patchantenna.

High-directivity patch antenna with both photonic bandgap substrate and photonic bandgap cover
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Among them, patch anten- nas are very useful in many applications, such as satellite, aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, and mobile radio, due to their being low profile, conformable to planar and nonplanar sur have shown ` that, by using PBG materials as covers to a patchantenna,

Patch antenna with polarization uniformity control
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A patch antenna is formed of one or more flat disc-shaped radiators disposed parallel to and spaced apart from a common ground-plane element. At each radiator, there is a feed assembly of two feeds positioned to one side of a center of the radiator in space

Micro strip Patch Antenna and its Applications: a Survey
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It is expected that millions of GPS receivers will be used by the general population for land vehicles, aircraft and maritime vessels to find there position accurately r2 r1 PatchAntenna Transmission Line Ground plane with aperture Patch Microstrip feed line Antenna dielectric antenna array were given implicitly in terms of the maximum allowed azimuth- and left/right ambiguity of the SAR system, and also multipath suppression due to aircraft wing reflections Cross-section view of dual polarization probe-fed microstrip stacked patch antenna element.

A frequency-reconfigurable circularly polarized patch antenna by integrating MEMS switches
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switches are incorporated into the diagonally-fed square patch for controlling the operating frequency and a rectangular stub attached to the edge of the patch acts as the In more demanding environments such as military aircraft, circularly polarized antenna is typically

Structural antenna for flight aggregates or aircraft
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antenna 1 described above has a construction derived from the known microstrip patchantenna, and is shapes having edges 7 of the conductive areas 9 of the structural antenna 1 which For constructive reasons, in aircraft, the edges of wings, tail units or control surfaces, which

A shorted elliptical patch antenna for GPS applications
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system (GPS) applications, such as satellite attitude determination and aircraft landing systems the direct right-hand circularly polarized (RHCP) GPS signal, the ideal antenna should possess Spiral antennas, linear arrays of dipoles, and patch antennas placed on choke rings

Microstrip antenna design handbook
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Coupling Between Dipoles Triangular Microstrip Patch Antennas Field Representation Resonant Frequency

Improved patch antenna performance by using photonic bandgap substrates
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Promising results with two-dimensional PBG substrates for patch antenna configurations and three-dimensional PBG substrates for dipole or slot structures have already been w x obtained 46 . For some aircraft, spacecraft, satellite, mobile-radio, and wireless-communications