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Algorithms for Digital Image Steganography via Statistical Restoration
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ABSTRACT  Steganography is concerned with hiding information without raising any suspicion about the existence of such information. Applications of steganography typically involve security. We consider that information is embedded into Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT)   

Security Enhancement Scheme for Image Steganography using S-DES Technique
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A Agarwal, GI IMSEC ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT : In today? s information age, information sharing and transfer has increased exponentially. The information vulnerable to unauthorised access and interception, while in storage or transmission. Cryptography and Steganography are the two major techniques   

Colour Image Steganography Based on Pixel Value Differencing in Spatial Domain
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ABSTRACT In a color image every pixel value composed of red, green and blue component and each of which ranges from 0 to 255 in case of 8-bit representation. In this paper, we have used pixel value differencing (PVD) method for secret data embedding in each of the   

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S Hemalatha, UD Acharya, A Renuka, PR Kamath ,Signal, 2013
ABSTRACT  Steganography is the science of invisible communication. The purpose of Steganography is to maintain secret communication between two parties. The secret information can be concealed in content such as image, audio, or video. This paper   

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G DHANARASI, AM Prasad ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
ABSTRACT : A block complexity analysis for transform domain image stegonagraphy is introduced in this paper. The algorithm proposed here works on the wavelet transform coefficients which embedded the secret data into the original image. The technique 

Modified BCH data hiding scheme for JPEG steganography
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ABSTRACT In this article, a new Bose-Chaudhuri-Hochquenghem (BCH)-based data hiding scheme for JPEG steganography is presented. Traditional data hiding approaches hide data into each block, where all the blocks are not overlapping each other. However, in the   

Image Steganography Method Based on Kohonen Neural Network
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A Rana, N Sharma, A Kaur ,International Journal of Engineering , 2012
ABSTRACT A new high capacity image steganography method based on kohonen neural network is introduced. Kohonen network is trained according to the absolute contrast sensitivity of pixels present in cover image. Trained network classify the pixels in different 

Diffusion-Based Image Compression in Steganography
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We demonstrate that one can adapt recent diffusion-based image compression techniques such that they become ideally suited for steganographic applications. Thus, the goal is to embed secret images within arbitrary cover images. We hide only a small number of   

Efficient data hiding scheme using lossless data compression and image steganography
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R Jain, N Kumar ,International Journal of Engineering Science, 2012
ABSTRACT : Steganography is an art of hidden communication in which secret message is embedded into a cover image. It has many applications like Online transactions, military communication etc. In this paper, we have proposed a data hiding scheme using image   

Optical steganography based on amplified spontaneous emission noise
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ABSTRACT : We propose and experimentally demonstrate an optical steganography method in which a data signal is transmitted using amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) noise as a carrier. The ASE serving as a carrier for the private signal has an identical frequency   

A Comparative Study of Combination of Different Bit Positions In Image Steganography
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R Kaur, B Singh, I Singh ,International Journal of Modern Engineering , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT : Steganography hides the existence of the data inside any cover file. There are different file formats used in steganography like text, image, audio and video. Out of these file formats image steganography is followed in this paper. One of the major objective of   

Text Steganography with Multi level Shielding
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SR Govada, BS Kumar, M Devarakonda, MJ Stephen ,2012
ABSTRACT  Steganography it is a form of security through obscurity. It is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, except sender and intended recipient can understand the hidden message,. The purpose of steganography is covert 

Erratum to Adaptive partial-matching steganography for voice over IP using triple M sequences[Comput. Commun. 34 (2011) 2236–2247]
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H Tian, H Jiang, K Zhou, D Feng ,Computer Communications, 2012 , Let us assume that the sender wants to send LM bits of secret messages M  

Image Steganography Using DNA Sequence and Sudoku Solution Matrix
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S Chakraborty, S Roy, SK Bandyopadhyay ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT —In this paper we are presenting a lossless image steganography approach. In steganography cover image is distorted due to strganographycal process. But according to the proposed method cover image will not be changed at all after implementation of   

Correlation between PSNR and bit per sample rate in audio steganography
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ABSTRACT :-Steganography is a form of security technique through obscurity; the science and art of hiding the existence of a message between sender and intended recipient. Steganography has been used to hide secret messages in various types of files, including   

Steganography using Odd-even Based Embedding and Compensation Procedure to Restore Histogram
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N Nain, J Singh, I Dayma, R Meena ,Proceedings of the World Congress , 2012 (D) Quantization: The aim is to quantize the values that represent the image obtained after above stage. The goal is to eliminate the high frequency (lower-right) values.(E) Zig-Zag ordering: This stage of JPEG compression [2] reorders the values using a'zig-zag'type   

A Security Enhanced Robust Steganography Algorithm for Data Hiding
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ABSTRACT In this paper, a new robust steganography algorithm based on discrete cosine transform (DCT), Arnold transform and chaotic system is proposed. The chaotic system is used to generate a random sequence to be used for spreading data in the middle   

A Comparative Study of Steganography and Watermarking?
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MK Sharma, DPC Gupta ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT Digital information revolution has brought about profound changes in our society and our lives. Many advantages of digital information have generated new challenges and new opportunities for innovation. In the fundamental part, we identify a few   

Text Steganography Using Quantum Approach in Regional Language with Revised SSCE
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I Banerjee, S Bhattacharyya, G Sanyal ,IJ Computer Network and , 2012
ABSTRACT —In this contribution we present a work of text steganography. Maintain the security of the secret information has been a great challenge in our day to day life. Sender can send messages habitually through a communication channel like Internet, draws the attention of 

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Y Kortsarts, Y Kempner, I Holon ,The Journal of , 2013 , Steganography is the art and science of concealing communication. The goal of steganography is to hide the very existence of information exchange by embedding messages into unsuspicious digital media covers. Like encryption, steganography   

Correlation between PSNR and size ratio in audio steganography
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ABSTRACT :-Steganography is a form of security technique through obscurity; the science and art of hiding the existence of a message between sender and intended recipient. Steganography has been used to hide secret messages in various types of files, including   

A Technique for Secret Communication Using a New Block Cipher with DynamicSteganography
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G Swain, SK Lenka ,International Journal of Security and Its Applications, 2012
ABSTRACT This paper presents a technique for secret communication using cryptography and steganography. The cryptographic algorithm is a block cipher with a block length of 128 bits and key length of 256 bits. The secret message is encrypted by this block cipher. Two   

Human-Versus Computer-Generated Text-Based Steganography: Real-World Tests of Two Algorithms
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M Grosvald, CO Orgun ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT . Tests of encryption procedures using lexical (text-based) steganography are typically designed to detect statistical differences between encrypted texts and natural human language. While such a method of attack is undoubtedly useful in many contexts, it   

A Novel Compressed Domain Technique of Reversible Steganography
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ABSTRACT —Steganography has been a common mode of secret communication in recent years. Although the steganographic approach can be carried out in either image, audio or video signals, due to the availability of higher degree of redundant data and easy   

Frequency domain steganography system using modified quantization table
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P Dewangan, M Sharma, S Bera ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT —Communication is an important aspect for sharing information and ideas. But it is possible a third person who does not involve in communication may also want to know about secret information that is communicate between two persons, so security between   

A Comparison between Using SIFT and SURF for Characteristic Region Based ImageSteganography
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ABSTRACT  Steganography is the science of invisible communication that employs different useful applications. In most of the current steganography techniques, information hiding modifies almost all the cover image, which may negatively affect the visual quality of the   

Inverted pattern in inverted time domain for icon steganography
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ABSTRACT : Information technologies and communications have pervaded our homes and business places. No matter how well-organized and extensive the communication technology is there are always loop holes in the network and people who seek after the 

Detection of quantization index modulation steganography in G. 723.1 bit stream based on quantization index sequence analysis
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S Li, H Tao, Y Huang ,Journal of Zhejiang University-Science C, 2012 ,Springer
ABSTRACT This paper presents a method to detect the quantization index modulation (QIM) steganography in G. 723.1 bit stream. We show that the distribution of each quantization index (codeword) in the quantization index sequence has unbalanced and correlated   

Securing Images by Secret Key Steganography
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ABSTRACT Most watermarking methods introduced that require concealment is less detectable or undetectable, while others exist that are based on the types of concealment that do not require an indiscernibility. It is within this framework and to ensure the security, at storage   

Novel Steganography Technique for Information Hiding
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D Vishwakarma, S Maheshwari, D Chopra ,International Journal, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT  Steganography is the art of hiding information in ways that prevent the detection of hidden messages. It includes a vast array of secret communications methods that conceal the message's very existence. These methods include invisible inks, microdots, character   

StegChat: A Synonym-Substitution Based Algorithm for Text Steganography
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J Gardiner ,2012 , Steganography, the art of information hiding, has been around for thousands of years, with the earliest examples coming from as early as 450 BC Modern steganography can be applied to text, images audio and video. Text, however, has received less attention in 

Efficient construction of provably secure steganography under ordinary covert channels
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ABSTRACT  Steganography is the science of hiding information within seemingly harmless messages or innocent media. This paper addresses the problems of efficient construction of secure steganography in ordinary covert channels. Without relying on any sampling   

Adaptive Steganography: A survey of Recent Statistical Aware Steganography Techniques
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M Mahajan, N Kaur ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT —Steganography is the science that deals with hiding of secret data in some carrier media which may be image, audio, formatted text or video. The main idea behind this is to conceal the very existence of data. We will be dealing here with image steganography.   

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S Kumar, SK Muttoo ,2013 ,
ABSTRACT —In this paper we present a comparative study of four different image steganography algorithms based on orthogonal Haar Wavelet Transform and biorthogonal CDF9/7 Transform. One can divide the steganography techniques into two categories:   

Image Steganography Scheme using Chaos and Fractals with the Wavelet Transform
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ABSTRACT —This paper introduces a novel image steganographic method for embedding secret image information into digital images. The proposed algorithm uses a fractal image as the cover image, takes a random-like sequence generated by a chaotic map as the   

Message Segmentation to Enhance the Security of LSB Image Steganography
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MAF Al-Husainy ,transit, 2012
ABSTRACT —Classic Least Significant Bit (LSB) steganography technique is the most used technique to hide secret information in the least significant bit of the pixels in the stego- image. This paper proposed a technique by splitting the secret message into set of 

High Capacity Image Steganography Based on Genetic Algorithm and Wavelet Transform
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This paper presents the application of wavelet transform and genetic algorithm (GA) in a novel steganography scheme. We employ a GA based mapping function to embed data in discrete wavelet transform coefficients in 4× 4 blocks on the cover image. The optimal   

Efficient Embedding for Audio Steganography
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ABSTRACT :-Steganography is a form of security technique through obscurity; the science and art of hiding the existence of a message between sender and intended recipient. Steganography has been used to hide secret messages in various types of files, including   

Speech steganography using wavelet and Fourier transforms
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S Rekik, D Guerchi, SA Selouani ,EURASIP Journal on , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT A new method to secure speech communication using the discrete wavelet transforms (DWT) and the fast Fourier transform is presented in this article. In the first phase of the hiding technique, we separate the speech high-frequency components from the low-   

Image Steganography Technique By Using Braille Method of Blind People (LSBraille)
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AA Ali, AHS Saad ,International Journal of Image Processing (IJIP), 2013 ,
ABSTRACT  Steganography is the art and science of writing hidden messages in such a way that no one, apart from the sender and intended recipient, suspects the existence of the message, a form of security through obscurity. Steganography is a Greek origin word   

Novel Security Scheme for Image Steganography using Cryptography Technique
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L Kumar ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT :-In today's information age, information sharing and transfer has increased exponentially. The information vulnerable to unauthorised access and interception, while in storage or transmission. Cryptography and Steganography are the two major techniques   

Wavelet Transform based Steganography
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U Dewangan, M Sharma, S Bera ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT : Steganography is a art of hiding the information (text, image, audio, video etc.) into another type of information such that no one can get the existence of actual information In this paper, we use wavelet transform in the cover image and then apply an algorithm to   

Increasing Robustness of LSB Audio Steganography Using a Novel Embedding Method
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R Baghel, P Sharma ,National Conference on Security Issues in Network , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we present a novel high bit rate LSB audio watermarking method. The basic idea of the proposed LSB algorithm is watermark embedding that causes minimal embedding distortion of the host audio. Using the proposed two-step algorithm, watermark   

A Survey on Steganography Techniques in Real Time Audio Signals and Evaluation
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ABSTRACT  Steganography has proven to be one of the practical ways of securing data. It is a new kind of secret communication used mainly to hide secret data inside other innocent digital mediums. Most of existing steganographic techniques use digital multimedia files   

A Comprehensive Review on Secure Image Steganography
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K Singla, S Kaur ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT : Steganography is an art and science of hiding secret information within the other information. Different carrier file formats can be used, but digital images are the most popular to hide secret information because the slight modification in the cover image is hard to   

Medical Image Protection using steganography by crypto-image as cover image
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V Pandey, M Shrivastava ,International Journal, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT This paper presents securing the transmission of medical images. The presented algorithms will be applied to images. This work presents a new method that combines image cryptography, data hiding and Steganography technique for denoised and safe image   

Technical Points about Adaptive Steganography by Oracle (ASO)
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ABSTRACT ASO [1] is an adaptive embedding scheme that has proved its efficiency compared to HUGO [2] algorithm. It is based on the use of a detectability map that is correlated to the security of the embedding process. The detectability map is calculated   

Image Steganography Techniques: An Overview
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N Hamid, A Yahya, RB Ahmad ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT  Steganography is one of the methods used for the hidden exchange of information and it can be defined as the study of invisible communication that usually deals with the ways of hiding the existence of the communicated message. In this way, if successfully it is   

Real-time Attacks on Audio Steganography
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M Nutzinger ,Journal of Information Hiding and Multimedia Signal , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT . Steganographic algorithms work in different ways to embed secret data into cover media. In this paper, techniques are presented which aim at the prevention of steganography usage in digital audio data, independent of the underlying algorithm.   

Improvement of Steganography Parameters in Image against Steganalysis
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M Jahanshahi, M Hosseini ,2013
ABSTRACT According to the daily increment application of steganography, identification of attack methods to the suspicious media has become to an inevitable affair in order to secret message detection (steganalysis). Different methods of analysis try to represent the   

Audio Steganography Coding Using the Discrete Wavelet Transforms
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S Rekik, D Guerchi, H Hamam ,International Journal of , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT The performance of audio steganography compression system using discrete wavelet transform (DWT) is investigated. Audio steganography coding is the technology of transforming stegospeech into efficiently encoded version that can be decoded in the   

A New Purposed Issue for Secure Image Steganography Technique Based On 2-D Block DCT and DCT
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EM Singh, ER Sharma, ED Garg ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT —Image steganography is the art of hiding information into the cover image in such a way that no one; apart from the sender and intended recipient even understand there is hidden message. In this paper, a novel steganography technique mainly based on joint   

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R Poornima, RJ Iswarya ,International Journal of Computer Science, 2013
ABSTRACT Hiding Capacity plays a vital role for efficient covert communication. This is achieved by Steganography. Steganography is the science of hiding the information into the other information so that the hidden information appears to be nothing to the human eyes.   

An Adaptive Steganography Technique for Gray and Colored Images
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A Asthana, S Johri ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT : In recent years, Steganography and Steganalysis are two important areas of research that involve a number of applications. These two areas of research are important especially when reliable and secure information exchange is required. Steganography   

Implementation of Modified 16× 16 Quantization Table Steganography on Colour Images
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N Batra, P Kaushik ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT —Steganography is the art of concealing information in ways that prevent the detection of hidden messages. Steganography includes an array of secret communication methods that hide the message from being seen or discovered. The paper presents a   

Steganography: A Security Model for Open Communication
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KC Sekhar, MC Sekhar, MK Chokkanathan ,Int. J. Advanced Networking , 2013 Steganography is the art and science of hiding messages. Steganography is basically about embedding a secret message in an innocuous wrapper; to communicate   

Cover Optimization for Image in Image Steganography
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NK El Abbadi, I Najaf ,Entropy, 2013
ABSTRACT This paper develops techniques for discriminating between images which used as steganography cover. Algorithm is based on the hypothesis that a particular message embedding scheme leaves statistical evidence or structure that can be exploited for   

Cloud computing security with Steganography and Cryptoghrapy AES algorthm Technology
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MPU Wawge, AR Rathod ,World Research Journal of Computer , 2012 Abstract-The growth of high speed computer networks and that of the Internet, in particular, has increased the ease of Information Communication. Ironically, the cause for the development is also of the apprehension-use of digital formatted data. In comparison with   

A New Method in Image Steganography with Improved Image Quality
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AM Al-Shatnawi ,Applied Mathematical Sciences, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT " Steganography is a Greek origin word which means hidden writing. Steganography word is classified into two parts: Steganos which means secret or covered(where you want to hide the secret messages) and the graphic which means    

Mathematical Approach to Image Steganography and Steganalysis
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K Choudhary ,2012
ABSTRACT —Image based Steganography is the most preferred tool used by Terrorists and criminal organizations for securely broadcasting, dead-dropping and communicating information over the internet by hiding secret information in the images. Steganalysis is   

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I DIOP, SM FARSSI, M CHAUMONT, O KHOUMA ,Journal of Theoretical , 2012
ABSTRACT  Steganography is the art of secret communication [1] Since the advent of modern steganography, in the 2000s, many approaches based on error correcting codes (Hamming, BCH, RS) have been proposed to reduce the number of changes in the roof   

A 3-Level Secure Histogram Based Image Steganography Technique
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GV Chaitanya, DV Krishna, L Anjaneyulu ,2013
ABSTRACT —Steganography is an art that involves communication of secret data in an appropriate carrier, eg. images, audio, video, etc. with a goal to hide the very existence of embedded data so as not to arouse an eavesdropper's suspicion. In this paper, a   

Information Security using Audio Steganography-A Survey
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B Santhi, G Radhika, SR Reka ,Research Journal of Applied , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT : The most important application of internet is data transmission. Unfortunately this is less secured because of advanced hacking technologies. So, for secured data transmission we make use of steganography. This is the art of hiding information where the existence of   

Application of Cyclic Codes over Z4 in Steganography
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V Mohammed ,Applied Mathematical Sciences, 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper, we show that some non-linear codes offer better performance compared to simple linear codes currently used in steganography. In fact we generalize the Peterson-Gorenstein-Zierler algorithm decoding for linear binary codes to decode cyclic   

Pixel-Value Differencing Steganography: Attacks and Improvements
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ESM El-Alfy, AA Al-Sadi ,2012
ABSTRACT —Hiding confidential data in digital images using the pixel-value differencing (PVD) method provide higher embedding capacity without very noticeable artifacts in the cover image to human eyes. However, the presence of hidden data can be revealed by a   

Improved Image Steganography Technique for Colored Images using Huffman Encoding with Symlet Wavelets
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S Rubab, M Younus ,2012
ABSTRACT  Steganography is data hiding technique that is mostly used. It uses cover object of type text, images, and videos. The paper presents a new devised algorithm to hide text in any colored image of any size using Huffman encryption and 2D Wavelet Transform. We   

A Unique Wavelet Steganography Based Voice Biometric Protection Scheme
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MB Sanjaypande, R Sharanabasappa ,International Journal, 2013
ABSTRACT —Voice biometric is an easy and cost effective biometric technique which requires minimalistic hardware and software complexity. General voice biometric needs a voice phrase by user which is processed with Mel Filter and Vector Quantized features are   

High Capacity data hiding using LSB Steganography and Encryption
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SA Laskar, K Hemachandran ,International Journal, 2012
ABSTRACT The network provides a method of communication to distribute information to the masses. With the growth of data communication over computer network, the security of information has become a major issue. Steganography and cryptography are two different   

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MPT Anitha, SN Sivanandham ,2012
ABSTRACT  Steganography refers to information or file that has been concealed inside a digital media. Steganalysis is used to detect and/or estimate potentially hidden information from observed data with a little or no knowledge about the steganography algorithm and its   

Text Realization Image Steganography
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MNH Al-Turfi ,International Journal of Engineering (IJE), 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In this paper the steganography strategy is going to be implemented but in a different way from a different scope since the important data will neither be hidden in an image nor transferred through the communication channel inside an image, but on the   

An Improved Secret Image Sharing Scheme With Steganography
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G Megala, A Rajeswari, V Visalatchi , Conference on Future , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT In order to adapt to the unreliable internet environment, the secret image sharing scheme must be able to recover the secret image when some shadows are lost, and the shadows shouldn't attract the attacker's attention when they are transmitted in the internet.   

Text Steganography Using Public Key Cryptosystem in CSS
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PM Vidhya ,International Journal of Computer Applications in , 2012 ,
ABSTRACT —Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) is a style sheet language used for describing the presentation semantics of a document written in a markup language. In recent years, the programming world has been using CSS together with HTML to develop a web interface   

Steganography Algorithm With Dynamic Pattern Matching
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Y Pandey, J Pimple ,Journal of Artificial Intelli-gence, ISSN, 2012 Abstract-The access and distribution of digital information revolution has brought about profound changes in our society and our lives. Because of many advantages of digital information, generate new challenges and new opportunities for innovation. The issue is   

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S Prabagar, S Vasuki ,2012 , It is hard to avoid ASCII Art in today's digital world, from the ubiquitous emoticons to the esoteric artistic creations that reside in many people's e-mail signatures, everybody has come across ASCII art at some stage. Here, we treat automatic ASCII art conversion of   

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SA Laskar, K Hemachandran ,2012 ,
ABSTRACT The Internet is a method of communication to distribute information to the masses. Digital image are excellent carriers for hidden information. Steganography and cryptography are technologies that are used for secret and secured communications. In both the