bike design engineering research papers

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This paper deals with an atypical bike design. It can be considered atypical due to the materials used and the peculiar engine–chassis combination. The project was born as a consequence of CR S desire to access the so-called maxi-naked motorcycle market. 

A simulation-optimization approach to design efficient systems of bike-sharing
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ABSTRACT This article presents a methodology to simultaneously modelize private car and public bicycle transport modes, considering their interactions through the modeling of the modal split and the assignment of each mode's trips to the network. Then the model is 

Mountain Bike Rear Suspension Design Optimisation
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ABSTRACT The design and implementation of a software application for finding a single pivot rear suspension mountain bike's optimal swingarm pivot point. This pivot point is found as a result of parameters specified by the user which are entered via a graphical interface and 

Optimal design of bike lane facilities in an urban network
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ABSTRACT Cycling can improve the health of riders, reduce carbon emissions from travelling, relieve congestion in the transport network, and save health and social care costs. According to the Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011-2016, the goal is to double the 

Human Control of Bicycle Dynamics with Experimental Validation and Implications for BikeHandling and Design
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ABSTRACT This paper presents brief interim results of this NSF-sponsored project. The overall research objective is to develop experimentally validated dynamic models of bicycles controlled by human riders. Toward this end we have in the first half of the project 

Design of Urban Transit Rowing Bike (UTRB)
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ABSTRACT The objective of this project was to create a human-powered vehicle as a mode of urban transport that doubles as a complete exercise system. The project was constrained in scope by the requirement of affordability, under . This was accomplished through 

Bike Off 2: Catalysing Anti Theft Bike, Bike Parking and Information Design for the 21st Century
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Project Bikeoff's Design for the 21st Century programme, followed earlier research and development work on preventing bike theft by colleagues at the Design Against Crime Research Centre, my own work over 15 years in developing conceptual frameworks for 

Material and Design Optimization for an Aluminum Bike Frame
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ABSTRACT Fatigue is a prominent failure mechanism for mountain bike frames, and can lead to serious accidents, costly recalls, and poor product image for bicycle frame manufacturers. The team collaborated with a local bike company, in the process of developing a new