Derived from chat robot are software applications that mimic written or spoken human speech for the purposes of simulating a conversation or interaction with a real person. There are two primary ways chatbots are offered to visitors: via web-based applications or standalone chatbot allow for highly engaging, conversational experiences, through voice and text, that can be customized and used on mobile devices, web browsers, and on popular chat platforms such as Facebook Messenger, or Slack. With the advent of deep learning technologies

Extracting Chatbot Knowledge from Online Discussion Forums.
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Abstract This paper presents a novel approach for extracting high-quality thread-title, reply> pairs as chat knowledge from online discussion forums so as to efficiently support the construction of a chatbot for a certain domain. Given a forum, the high-quality thread-title,

Using dialogue corpora to train a chatbot
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Abstract This paper presents two chatbot systems, ALICE and Elizabeth, illustrating the dialogue knowledge representation and pattern matching techniques of each. We discuss the problems which arise when using the Dialogue Diversity Corpus to retrain a chatbot

Impact of agents answers variability on its believability and human-likeness and consequent chatbot improvements
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Reactivity: how fast is it for the user to open the help system when it needs it Vocabulary: are there strong constraints or limitations on the words the user has to know to efficiently use the help system(ex: specific keywords/grammar constructions for NL) Task-oriented: does

A chatbot system as a tool to animate a corpus
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Before there were computers, we could distinguish persons from non-persons on the basis of an ability to participate in conversations. But now, we have hybrids operating between person and non persons with whom we can talk in ordinary language. (Colby 1999). Human

A chatbotbased interactive question answering system
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Abstract Interactive question answering (QA) systems, where a dialogue interface enables followup and clarification questions, are a recent field of research. We report our experience on the design, implementation and evaluation of a chatbotbased dialogue interface for our

A Corpus Based Approach to Generalising a Chatbot System
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Abstract: International research in NLP is dominated by work on English. NLP techniques and systems can be ported to other natural languages, but this is generally a labour- intensive task, requiring scarce computational and linguistic expertise; hence minority

Designing a Chatbot for diabetic patients
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Abstract Artificial Intelligence chatbot is a technology that makes interaction between man and machine possible by using natural language. In this paper, we proposed an architectural design of a chatbot that will function as virtual diabetes physician/doctor. This

Chatbot technology: A possible means of unlocking student potential to learn how to learn
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Abstract This paper explores the possibility of implementing a constructivist learning environment using chatbot technology as a basis of enabling students acquire global economy and technological information age skills and competencies (21st century skills)

Chatbot Technology with Synthetic Voices in the Acquisition of an Endangered Language: Motivation, Development and Evaluation of a Platform for Irish.
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Abstract This paper describes the development and evaluation of a chatbot platform designed for the teaching/learning of Irish. The chatbot uses synthetic voices developed for the dialects of Irish. Speech-enabled chatbot technology offers a potentially powerful tool for

A survey of chatbot systems through a loebner prize competition
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Abstract Starting in 1966 with the introduction of the ELIZA chatbot a great deal of effort has been devoted towards the goal of developing a chatbot system that would be able to pass the Turing Test. These efforts have resulted in the creation of a variety of technologies and

Extension and prerequisite: An algorithm to enable relations between responses in chatbot technology
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Abstract: Problem statement: Artificial intelligence chatbot is a technology that makes interactions between man and machines using natural language possible. From literature, we found out that in general, chatbot are functions like a typical search engine. Although

Chatbot evaluation and database expansion via crowdsourcing
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Abstract Chatbots use a database of responses often culled from a corpus of text generated for a different purpose, for example film scripts or interviews. One consequence of this approach is a mismatch between the data and the inputs generated by participants. We

The chatbot who loved me
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Abstract The paper describes the BotCom complex embedded conversational agent system, which is accessible over the Internet and capable of high quality natural language processing as well as sophisticated manipulation of emotions. It relies on an extension of

First Sinhala chatbot in action
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Abstract Chatbots are becoming popular as a means for interactive communication between human and machines. Due to their interactivity, chatbots are much better than standard machine translation systems, which may provide unrealistic solutions when the system

Pharmabot: a pediatric generic medicine consultant chatbot
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Generic Medicine Consultant Chatbot . It is a conversational chatbot that is designed to prescribe, suggest and give information on generic medicines for children. The study introduces a computer application that act as a medicine consultant for the patients or

A Chatbot as a Novel Corpus Visualization Tool.
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Abstract The classical way of viewing data set is using the visualization process, which maps the data from numerical or textual form to a visual representation that our mind can easily interpret such as: using graphical diagrams, charts, and geometric representation. In this

A Survey On Chatbot Conversational Systems
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Abstract: A chatbot is a humanlike conversational character. It is a computer program which conducts a conversation through auditory or textual methods. It often acts as a virtual assistant and it can have its own virtualization. Its conversational skills and other humanlike

Natural language processing implementation on Romanian ChatBot
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Abstract:-If in written ore spoken form, language is an essence of human behavior. It is used for knowledge representation and transfer from one generation to another. Without language we wouldnt be able to any kind of communication. Today, we are all confronted by an

Territorial Violence and Design, 1950-2010: A Human-Computer Study of Personal Space and Chatbot Interaction
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Personal space is a humans imaginary system of precaution and an important concept for exploring territoriality, but between humans and technology because machinic agencies transfer, relocate, enact and reenact territorially. Literatures of territoriality, violence and

A Tool of Conversation: Chatbot
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Abstract Chatbot is widely popular now-a-days and catching speed as an application of computer communication. Some programs respond intelligently like human. This type of program is called a Chatbot . This paper addresses the design and implementation of a

Chatbot Design-Reasoning about design options using i* and process architecture
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Abstract. Software systems are often designed without considering their social intentionality and the software process changes required to accommodate them. With the rise of artificial intelligence and cognitive services-based systems, software can no longer be considered a

Nurturing the Companion ChatBot
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Abstract Although recent technical progress of artificial intelligence is impressive, the affective effect of intelligent agents has not been investigated sufficiently. My research focuses on this problem. I start with the audio analysis using brain imaging method and my

Chappie-A Semi-automatic Intelligent Chatbot
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Abstract The personal assistant, a human is inefficient and takes a long time to process a single request such as booking tickets, ordering food, getting beauty-services etc. This reduces the throughput and business performance drastically. Obviously there is an

A Subjective Evaluation of Chatbot Engines
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Abstract. We participated in two roles in this shared task: Data generator and data annotator. As data generators we were interacting with a number of different chatbots. We find that data- driven systems can produce inappropriate and out-of-character responses, especially when

Predicting outcomes in online chatbotmediated therapy
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Background More than 50% of college students suggest symptoms of anxiety and depression in the previous year so severe that they couldnt function. However, up to 75% of 1 them do not access clinical services. While the reasons for this are varied, the ubiquity of

Conversational Chatbot Trained on Unfiltered Twitter Data
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Page 1. Conversational Chatbot Trained on Unfiltered Twitter Data Team 02 Nabeel Zaim Vinh Duong Page 2. Table of Contents Table of Contents 1. Acknowledgements 7. Data Analysis 9. Bibliography Page 3. Page 4. 1. Acknowledgements We would like to thank strangers on

In-the-wild chatbot corpus: from opinion analysis to interaction problem detection
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Abstract The past few years have seen growing interests in the development of online virtual assistants. In this paper, we present a system built on chatbot data corresponding to conversations between customers and a virtual assistant provided by a French energy

Multimodal Interactions with a Chatbot and study of Interruption Recovery in Conversation.
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Abstract The current project presents a novel approach enhancing Human-Robot Interaction (HRI). One goal in Human-Robot Interaction is to design robots that seems friendly and where interacting with them feels natural. A particular attention is drawn to the interruptions

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Abstract Student motivation and engagement are essential ingredients to academic success. Although the relationship is clear, the challenge is finding what pedagogical methods and context motivates students and engages them to a point where they become active

Contextual Flow In Chatbot Conversations
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As part of this project, I have done a study of the ALICE model of chatbot and Bayesian Conversation Architecture (Quartet Architecture) developed by Microsoft Research. I hereby present a proposal of a chatbot model. The underlying strategy is weaved over ideas picked

Building Chatbot with Emotions
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Abstract This project aims at generating dialogues not only appropriate at content level, but also containing specific emotions. To tag emotion categories, we apply sentimental analysis on the dataset and pick up dialogue with strong emotion. We first adopt vanilla sequence-to-

A Conversational Workflow Model for Chatbot
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Extended Abstract This paper presents the realization of a prototype of a conversational workflow for a Chatbot in tires domain. The initial purpose has focused on the design of the specific model to manage communication and propose the most suitable tires for users. For

BotDCAT-AP: An Extension of the DCAT Application Profile for Describing Datasets for Chatbot Systems
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Abstract. Although it is still an emerging technology, the increasing usage of chatbots (also known as bots) has opened a promising touchpoint for citizen and customer engagement. A chatbot consists of a computer program aimed at simulating a conversation between

Transforming Chatbot Responses to Mimic Domain-specific Linguistic Styles
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Abstract. Chatbots and conversational agents have become very popular in recent years and there is a huge research effort to automate conversations in several applications. Even if a bot provides accurate answers, users generally have a better experience if the chatbots

Classification of Chatbot Inputs
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Chat bots are pieces of software that enable an user to communicate with a software system in natural language. These communication can be done by writing text with the keyboard or with a speech-recognition system. The user writes short sentences and the system has to

Perceptions on the Role of AI based Chatbot Technology and Innovations in Customer Service for Creating a Competitive Service Economy and E-Tourism
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Page 1. 1 Perceptions on the Role of AI based Chatbot Technology and Innovations in Customer Service for Creating a Competitive Service Economy and E-Tourism Nino Kodzakhidze Group #2 Innovations Master thesis is presented at Ilia State University

Online Shopping Management System with Customer Multi-Language Supported Query handling AIML Chatbot
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Abstract In the e-commerce sites, there are deal with many kind of products throughout the world. Our proposed shopping system contains different services to make user feasible in e- shopping time. When user want to buy anything from these sites, he needs guideline about

Towards a chatbot for digital counselling
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The aim of this paper is to propose the design of a chatbot to be used in mental health counselling. The first section of this paper gives an overview of the background of digital interventions. The next section gives an overview of chatbots, especially within mental

Continuous Improvement Study of Chatbot Technologies using a Human Factors Methodology
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Abstract The emergence and pervasiveness of the Internet provides opportunities for new types of communications between customers and service providers. One such technology is a chatbot : a computer program that simulates a human conversation enabled by the Internet.