for improvement and easy work for the management and improve performance of the system using computer software, easy maintaining log book, account two types one windows based where all the data will be stored in your computer and other is web based where the data will be stored in the cloud, web server. Both are in the market since years. contact us if you need one.

CapBasED-AMS-A Framework for Capability-Based and EventDriven Activity Management System .
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Abstract Activity management system deals with management and execution of activities. A problem solving agent is a human, or a hardware, or a software system having an ability to execute activities. An activity consists of multiple interdependent tasks that need to be

A resource and QoS management framework for a real-time event system in mobile ad hoc environments
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Abstract A new class of applications can now be envisaged with the emergence of both mobile ad hoc computing and ubiquitous computing. Applications of such kind are characterised by being largely distributed and proactive, ie able to operate without human Knowledge is seen as a key strategic asset for the success and survival in today s increasingly competitive global market place. This recognition is one of the main reasons for exponential growth in developing knowledge based applications. Recent advancements in

Towards an intelligent security event information management system
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Abstract The strategy of combining artificial intelligence (AI) and self adaptation to optimize different types of computing services is emerging as an automated and efficient approach in computer security. Such a strategy can effectively be used to assist security experts in the

The DIADEM System for Real-Time Dynamic Event Management
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DIADEM 1] is a software platform for implementing real-time Dynamic Event Management systems. Event management is at the heart of all management and control processes. Events arise from process logic, real-time conditions, state space conditions,

Learning diagnoser and supervision pattern in discrete event system : Application to crisis management
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ABSTRACT The increase of natural, industrial disasters and diverse crisis has stimulated more research interest in the world. A crisis can be industrial accident, train accident, earthquake, and etc. However, the crisis management is currently an important challenge for

Event Handling in a CORBA-based Telecommunications Management System Framework
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Event processing in software applications has a long history and is ubiquitous in todays software systems. From process control applications to object-oriented database systems , the event theme repeats itself. Most of these systems have some central event handling

An efficient optimistic time management algorithm for discrete- event simulation system
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Abstract Time Wrap algorithm is a well-known mechanism of optimistic synchronization in a parallel discrete- event simulation (PDES) system . It offers a run time recovery mechanism that deals with the causality errors. For an efficient use of rollback, the global virtual time

An eventtrigger-rule based supply-chain management system over the internet
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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Stanley YW Su, chairman of my supervisory committee, for his continuous guidance and support throughout my studies. I am very grateful to him for providing me with a challenging topic for my thesis

Event and performance logs in system management and evaluation
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Abstract. The paper outlines the space of event and performance logs which can be collected in computer systems to support managing and evaluating system operation. We concentrate on methodology of finding anomalies and assessing system dependability or

Design of mobile event management and broadcast system using rational unified process
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Abstract Now a days marketing and event management is one of the biggest challenge in advertisement industries. Media like television, newspaper, email, posters, etc. are some of the ways by which commercial products can be advertised effectively. There are specific

Reliability of critical event reporting in an Anesthesia Information Management System (AIMS)
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Background: Implementation of a secure clinical event system linked to an AIMS has been shown to double the capture of significant clinical events, yet no evidence exists that an AIMS alone improves event reporting. Emesis during induction is a quality improvement (QI)

An Assessment of Environmental Management within the Event Industry and Formulation of a Generic Framework Environmental Management System for
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ABSTRACT The potential impacts from large events are significant as a sudden influx of between five thousand and several hundred thousand people descend onto a green field site. In addition, the events industry has seen rapid growth over the past three decades as

Discrete Event Monte-Carlo Simulation Based Decision Support System for Business Process Management .
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a discrete event Monte-Carlo simulation based decision support system (DSS), which helps in managing business processes. Process managers use available information on work load, resource availability, task time, etc. and use their

Time Management Approach on a Discrete Event Manufacturing System Modeled by Petri Net
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Discrete event systems are the systems which their states can be changed by the occurrence of events. To control these systems, supervisory control theory is proposed by The base of this theory is to restrict the behavior of system for

FTMK lab and asset management system (FLAMS) event management and timetable management module
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ABSTRACT FTMK Asset and Lab Management System (FLAMS) are built for staff and students in FTMK. Due to the complexity of the project, the development is divided into modules. The two main modules being discussed in this whole document are the Event

Event Management System for UTM Technology Entrepreneurship Centre
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Abstract UTM Technology Entrepreneurship Centre (UTMTEC) is an intensive event organizer. Currently, UTMTEC is utilizing Eventbrite, an open source platform. However, the requirements and scopes are not matching to UTMTEC needs. In addition, there is no proper

Smart Event Management System
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ABSTRACT Now a days, the events such as festivals, wedding etc. have become a core part of life which has resulted in event planning and Management Company to rise. With the customers and events increasing at larger rate, it is difficult to manage using traditio nal

An Approach of Data Mining Techniques Using Firewall Detection for Security and Event Management System
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Abstract Security is one of the most important issues to force a lot of research and development effort in last decades. We are introduced a mining technique like firewall detection and frequent item set selection to enhance the system security in event

Web Based Event Management System using Android
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Abstract: The aim of this project is Automation of Training and Placement unit of FIT (Flora Institute of Technology, Pune). The project will include minimum manual work and maximum optimization, abstraction and security. This is an android application which will help students

Enriching an Intelligent Resource Management System with Automatic Event Recognition
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ABSTRACT Event recognition systems have high potential to support crisis management and emergency response. Given the vast amount of possible input channels, automatic processing of raw data is crucial. In this paper, we describe several components integrated

Video event mining and content management system using shot ontology description
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Abstract: Since the mass growing amount of sports video has been produced, how to analysis and to make event mining in video content management issues are become more and more important. In this paper, we developed a shot ontology description based for the

An Adverse Event Patient Safety Management System : 8 Year Multi-Institutional Experience
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Methods: A multi-center prospective ongoing project in total quality improvement is underway in 10 Italian Hospitals since 1999. The aim of the study is to identify and record major risk factors and adverse events, identify the causes and facilitating conditions, and

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Abstract: Cloud Computing is the evolution of Internet by means of which we can develop applications to view, manipulate and share data. Cloud based applications provide access to data from anywhere, any time and from any device. Software as a Service (SaaS) is a

An Event planning and management web system
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Abstract Event organizers and managers face a lot of hurdles along the process of organizing an event in an organization. There is a lot of paperwork to tackle, and many manual processes that hinder the actual task of organizing the event . To facilitate them, we

Event management as a constituent of the marketing system in the restaurant business
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The paper is devoted to modern trends of event management as a constituent of the marketing system in the restaurant business. The object of the paper is event management in restaurant business. The subject of the paper is organization of events in restaurants. The

Project Management System Using Event Based Scheduler and Ant Colony Optimization
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Abstract: Resource allocation and tasks assignment to software development teams are very crucial and arduous activities that can affect a projects cost and completion time. Solution for such problem is NP-Hard and requires software managers to be supported with efficient

Normalization of Logs for Networked Devices in a Security Information Event Management System
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ABSTRACT A Security Information Event Management (SIEM) System accepts packet logs from different network devices, analyzes the logs, groups and summarizes events according to its patterns and gives reports and recommendations afterwards that can be warnings,

Construction of trigger and dependency graphs using event and rule declarations of an active object-oriented database management system
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Traditional database systems are passive, meaning that they only react to explicit requests by users or applications. An active database S3^ stem on

An Adaptive Error Event Control Model for Smart Festival Management System running on Situation-Awareness Environments
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Abstract This paper proposes a new adaptive error event control model for smart festival management running on situation-awareness environments by analyzing the window and attributes of the object error event . This paper presents the design of the adaptive error event

Automated Testing and Real-time Event Management : An Enterprise Notification System
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ABSTRACT Data manipulation is a delicate activity, particularly when complex operations are performed on massive amounts of information. Accuracy of results the forte of the SAS System is critical for interpreting, forecasting, and decision-making. In addition, when

IoT-based Smart Parking System for Sporting Event Management
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Abstract By connecting devices, people, vehicles and infrastructure everywhere in a city, governments and their partners can improve community wellbeing and other economic and financial aspects (eg, cost and energy savings). Nonetheless, smart cities are complex

Transport system planning and management : is a common methodology to face any kind of exceptional event possible
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Abstract. Prevention and management of exceptional events represent a new and broad research field becoming increasingly important. In these atypical situations a suitable planning and management of the transport system is essential to avoid its paralysis; it is

for Variable Energy Resources Management in The 9th IET International Conference on Advances in Power System Control, Operation and Management
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ABSTRACT In recent years, the power generation portfolio has expanded to include variable energy resources (VERs) such as wind and solar generation to meet increasing energy demand and environmental objectives. These sources inject uncertain amounts of power at

Accounting Information System and Management Control in the Event Business: the Cruise Terminals Study
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Abstract. This paper aims to examine the role of the Accounting Information System (AIS) and management control in the cruise event management process. We consider two cruise events typologies: on ship berthing and on terminal. We compare two terminal concessionaires in the

Input data management in health care simulation-Industrial methodology for discrete event simulation applied in a health care system
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Abstract In 2010 the Swedish government introduced a health care reform called Vårdvalet. This lead to a higher level of competition between different health care centres and their desire to be more effective increased. In industry, DES--simulation is often used to

Eventdriven information system specified for fast retrival of EO products to support disaster management activities
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Abstract The paper presents the work aimed in developing special system for fast retrieval of EO products from space data archives in emergency cases. Principal functionality of the system is based on eventdriven approach where EO products are automatically started to