JAVA programming 2012

An Error Code Highlighting Function in Java Programming Learning Assistant System Using Test-Driven Development Method
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ABSTRACT Recently, the objected-oriented programming language Java has been used in many practical systems including enterprise servers, smart phones, and embedded systems due to its high reliability and portability. To enhance effects of Java programming 

An Improved Java Programming Learning System Using Test-Driven Development Method
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ABSTRACT To enhance educational effects of Java programming by assisting self-studies of students and reducing teaching loads of teachers, we have proposed a Web-based Java programming learning system using the test-driven development method. In this system, a 

Research on Automatic Scoring for Java Programming Questions
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Automatic scoring for Java programming questions is a very important and hard problem. Currently automatic scoring technology is mainly based on whether the program runs properly. This way is not always feasible because many programs can not be executed 

PQL: a purely-declarative java extension for parallel programming
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The popularization of parallelism is arguably the most fundamental computing challenge for years to come. We present an approach where parallel programming takes place in a restricted (sub-Turing-complete), logic-based declarative language, embedded in Java. 

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Java is used in many introductory CS courses (including the AP CS course). This tutorial introduces the Java tester library that supports the test-first design pedagogy in Java from the beginning. Test-first design forces students to reason about the planned methods, to 

Poplar: Extending the Java Programming Language for Evolvable Component Integration
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ABSTRACT In the last few decades, software systems have become less and less atomic, and increasingly built according to the component-based software development paradigm: applications and libraries are increasingly created by combining existing libraries, 

Java 7 programming
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 Take your Java skills to the top tier and maximize all the new features and tools in the latest Java release Java Programming features hands-on programming exercises and examples based on the author's 10+ years of expertise teaching Java to experienced professionals. 

Network programming in Java using Socket
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ABSTRACT This paper describes about Network programming using java. The Network programming is similar to socket programming or Client-Server programming. Where Socket programming is important to understand how internet based interprocess communication 

Java Programming for Adaptive Finite Element Method applied in two-dimensional linear contact model
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ABSTRACT Mesh generation is a fundamental step in finite element method since the quality of the mesh has a great influence on the error of obtained approximated solution. To get a desired precision, adaptive technique is used to improve the mesh. In this work,