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collect and send GPS coordinates, contact lists, e-mail addresses etc. to third parties send SMSs to premium-rate numbers subscribe infected phones to premium services record phone conversations and send them to attackers take control over the infected phone download other malware onto infected phones

Hey, you, get off of my market: detecting malicious apps in official and alternative android markets.
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Abstract In this paper, we present a systematic study for the detection of malicious applications (or apps ) on popular Android Markets. To this end, we first propose a permissionbased behavioral footprinting scheme to detect new samples of known Android

User-centric dependence analysis for identifying malicious mobile apps
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Abstract This paper describes an efficient approach for identifying malicious Android mobile applications through specialized static program analysis. Our solution performs offline analysis and enforces the normal properties of legitimate dataflow patterns to identify

An Assess Android Antimalware that Detects Malicious Dynamic Code in Apps
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Smartphones, tablet computers ship with Android. However, users feel their private information at threat, facing a rapidly increasing number of malware for Android which significantly exceeds that of other platforms. Antimalwares software promises to effectively

Facebook Rigorous Application Evaluator to Focused on Detecting Malicious Apps on Facebook
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ABSTRACT Together with 20 billion includes every day, outsider Apps can be a critical reason for the appeal not withstanding addictiveness of Facebook. Unfortunately, digital hoodlums get went to the acknowledgment, the likely of Applying Facebook with respect to

CS-558 Internet Systems Technologies. Presentation Report (Hey, You, Get Off of My Market: Detecting Malicious Apps in Official and Alternative Android Markets)
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Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, with over one hundred millions being sold in the first quarter of 2011, and over two hundred thousands applications in Google market. With such popularity, and since Android is an open project by its nature, malware authors

Detecting Malicious Apps for Social Networking
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ABSTRACT With 20 million installs a day, third-party apps area major reason for the popularity and addictiveness of Facebook. Unfortunately, hackers have realized the potential of using apps for spreading malware and spam. The problem is already significant,

Dynamic Analysis System for Detecting Remote Server-Side Polymorphic Malicious Mobile Apps on Android based Smartphone
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Abstract As Android malware is evolving quickly, malware creators are starting to develop new kinds of threats such as remote server-side polymorphic malicious code for Android platform that are being actively generated and distributed via the official Android Markets.

Android Malicious Apps Detection and Notification to Prevent Malware Using New Framework
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ABSTRACT The attractiveness and openness of android makes markets targets for malware attacks and causes number of malware instances original hidden behind the large number of applications that seriously harmful to user privacy and security. Due to the popularity of