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Opinion Inn

Opinion Inn is a platform where people who are interested in sharing their opinions with companies across the globe about their products and services, get paid to do so. Once they sign up with us, they start receiving surveys, upon completing which, they are paid from $1 to $100 depending on the survey requirement.

With OpinionInn, you earn money by completing surveys. Each survey will let you earn money which gets credited to your to OpinionInn account. You can redeem the money through PayPal once you reach the minimum redeem limit of $25.

Free to Sign Up
Joining our panel is absolutely free. We will never ask you for any kind of payment or bank details.

Signup Bonus
We are offering minimum $10 as the signup bonus to all our respondents.

Highest Incentive Model
Be paid for your feedback on various products or services for which we will be sending you email invitations. The incentives for a normal project ranges between $0.50 to $100 depending on the requirement of the research.

Lucky Draw
Be a part of the monthly draw of $500 if you are an active member and have attempted at least 5 surveys in that month. The winner names are displayed on the portal on every 7th of the month.

Payment Mode
We have various payment modes by which you can redeem your incentives.

Pre-Launch Test
Be the first one to get the products to test before they appear in the market

Giving back to the Society
We encourage our respondents to extend their support by offering a part of their incentive to NGO’s around the globe with whom we have partnered. This is at the discretion of our esteemed panelists if they want to contribute or not. There is no obligation to contribute.

24*7 Panelist Support Team
Be a part of world’s first panel team who provides 24*7 support no matter when and from where you take the survey. We are always there to help you with pleasure.

Join Now to earn $10
Join Now to earn $10
Join Now to earn $10
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Q: What is the OpinionInn Panel Portal?
A: OpinionInn is an online community dedicated to help its consumers to voice out their opinions to the world’s most renowned companies. We seek to help our customers in providing their valuable feedback and they can even earn cash rewards by participating in Online Surveys. We also provide a platform to our customers wherein they can express their thoughts by participating in Online Polls which are created to cater various fields.

Once you become a member of our online community, the services offered by us will be free of charge to you! As a bonus, you will earn Cash Rewards for taking surveys

Q: How do I become a member?
A: To become a member of OpinionInn, simply click on "Sign Up" tab on the main screen of the site. You will be asked some ordinary questions. Once done, you will be sent a confirmation email with a verification link. To finalize your registration, you must click on the link in the email to confirm your registration. After this, your registration will be confirmed and you shall be able to participate in the surveys.

Q: Is registration free?
A: Registration to OpinionInn is completely free - you will not be asked for any payment. On the contrary, it is you who earns money that will be transferred to your PayPal account (once you reach a minimum amount of $25.00) by taking part in our surveys.

we request you to use the same email ID as your PayPal email ID to ensure faster disbursement of Incentives.

Q: Why should I become a OpinionInn member?
A: Becoming a member of OpinionInn comes with an array of benefits. Once you become a member, you can take surveys not only offered by OpinionInn but also conducted by our numerous clients. As soon as you register, you can begin accumulating money in your OpinionInn account. Once you reach our minimum threshold of US $25.00, you can transfer it to your PayPal account. Also, when you sign in, US$10.00 will be credited in your account to help you reach your minimum threshold of US$25.00 faster.

Q: What is OpinionInn's business?
A: OpinionInn is an online portal that invites thousands of people to take surveys on fields of your interest such as which restaurant you visit most often or which is your favorite brand of coffee. The purpose of these surveys is to collect your opinions and thoughts about the products and services offered by various renowned companies. Your opinions once shared, will have a direct impact on these companies on how or what you (the consumers) want.

Q: Why does OpinionInn ask for personal information such as name and Date of birth?
A: We ask for personal information such as your name, address, gender, birthday etc. so we can send you suitable online surveys which will increase your chances to qualify in those surveys. Other information you are asked to provide in your profile section after you have created your account with us, is to further increase your chances to participate in many other surveys. All the information provided by you remains confidential.

Participating in surveys
Q: What if I have difficulties with a survey, and why does this happen?
A: The reason it happens is that we do various surveys simultaneously and have a mix of surveys programmed by many of our clients. So, the difficulty can arise by either compatibility of system you are using to take the survey and the software on which the survey is programmed. Since there are many people who take these surveys simultaneously using a wide variety of operating systems, browsers, Internet connection types, and hardware. Since, not all are necessarily compatible with the technology of all surveys that may be available, that can lead to difficulties in taking surveys. Sometimes, there is no technical glitch and it can be caused by a simple human error. If you face any issue, please wait for some time till the error is sorted out, however if you still face the problem, please reach to us quoting the Project number of the survey and we will try out best to sort that out.