quantum cryptography 2012

A note on Quantum Cryptography
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ABSTRACT Cryptography provides security for the information and personal details. The combination of 3AQKDP (implicit) and 3AQKDPMA (explicit) quantum cryptography is used to provide authenticated secure communication between sender and receiver. 

Fast exact computation of the tail probability of a hypergeometric distribution and its application to quantum cryptography
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Fast exact computation of the tail probability of a hypergeometric distribution and its application to quantum cryptography Ryutaroh MATSUMOTO1 1Tokyo Institute of Technology September 2012 Partly supported by 

Quantum Cryptography
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In this report we discuss the results of our project for the Radboud Honours Academy, concerning Quantum Key Distribution (QKD). We originally started this project with a much larger research subject in mind, namely quantum cryptography and quantum computers. 

An Approach to Secure Authentication Protocol with Group Signature based Quantum Cryptography
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ABSTRACT This paper proposes a secure authentication protocol in a new direction with group signature based Quantum cryptography for a networked organization. The group signature setting has a group with copious members and one manager. The proposed protocol uses 

Cooperative Multi-agent System Based on Fuzzy Quantum Cryptography
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ABSTRACT Information security is one of the vital issues in modern communication networks. Most secure protocols used cryptography algorithm to protect a communication networks against various attacks. Efficient security mechanisms designed to mitigate the impact of 

The New Approach of Quantum Cryptography in Network Security
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ABSTRACT There are multiple encryption techniques at present time but they cannot provide sufficient security. Thus security is still a challenging issue of communications. By the Since now–a-days security is the primary concern for any organization. This paper suggest a