a fusion of research in evolutionary algorithms and genetic programming, neural science and neural net systems, fuzzy set theory and fuzzy systems, soft computing is the use of inexact solutions to computationally hard tasks such as the solution of NP-complete problems, for which there is no known algorithm that can compute an exact solution in polynomial time.

Soft computing based controllers Implementation for non-linear process in real time
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ABSTRACT The aim of this paper is to implement controllers based on soft computing techniques in real time for a non-linear process. The process taken up for study is to control the level in a conical tank setup using cost effective data acquisition system. The system

Soft computing : overview and recent developments in fuzzy optimization
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Abstract Soft Computing (SC) represents a significant paradigm shift in the aims of computing, which reflects the fact that the human mind, unlike present day computers, possesses a remarkable ability to store and process information which is pervasively

Soft Computing for Data Mining Applications
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In todays digital age, there is huge amount of data generated everyday. Deriving meaningful information from this data is a huge problem for humans. Therefore, techniques such as data mining whose primary objective is to unearth hithero unknown relationship from data

Optimization of test cases using soft computing techniques: a critical review
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Abstract:-Software testing is the key technology for evaluating the fault detecting capability quantitatively. Software testing is very labor-intensive and expensive process. It is a core activity in quality assurance. Test cases minimization, selection, prioritization forms common

Feature selection for tool wear diagnosis using soft computing techniques
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ABSTRACT This paper examines feature selection methods in the context of milling machine tool wear diagnosis. Given raw sensor signals acquired during experiments, a pool of features was created through calculation by several feature extraction methods. Five

Some reflections on soft computing granular computing and their roles in the conception, design and utilization of information/intelligent systems
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Among such changes, the most visible are those that relate to what is popularly referred to as the information revolution. The artifacts of this revolution are all around us: the e-mail, the world wide web, the cellular phone; the fax; and the desktop computer, among many others.

Edge detection techniques for image segmentation a survey of soft computing approaches
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Abstract Soft Computing is an emerging field that consists of complementary elements of fuzzy logic, neural computing and evolutionary computation. Soft computing techniques have found wide applications. One of the most important applications is edge detection for

Tuning algorithms for PID controller using soft computing techniques
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Summary PID controllers are widely used in industrial plants because it is simple and robust. Industrial processes are subjected to variation in parameters and parameter perturbations, which when significant makes the system unstable. So the control engineers are on look for

Hierarchical Bayesian Optimization Algorithm: Toward a New Generation of Evolutionary Algorithms (Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing )
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This book provides a framework for the design of competent optimization techniques by combining advanced evolutionary algorithms with state of the art machine learning techniques The primary focus of the book is on two algorithms that replace traditional

Test suite for the special issue of soft computing on scalability of evolutionary algorithms and other metaheuristics for large scale continuous optimization
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Abstract In this document, we provide the description of the 19 test functions (F1-F19*) that should be used for the experimental study for the Special Issue of Soft Computing on Scalability of Evolutionary Algorithms and other Metaheuristics for Large Scale Continuous Science has made great progress in the twentieth century, with the establishment of proper disciplines in the fields of physics, computer science, molecular biology, and many others. At the same time, there have also emerged many engineering ideas that are interdisciplinary in

Network intrusion detection design using feature selection of soft computing paradigms
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Abstract The network traffic data provided for the design of intrusion detection always are large with ineffective information and enclose limited and ambiguous information about users activities. We study the problems and propose a two phases approach in our intrusion

Credit Scoring Models Using Soft Computing Methods: A Survey.
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Abstract: During the last fifteen years, soft computing methods have been successfully applied in building powerful and flexible credit scoring models and have been suggested to be a possible alternative to statistical methods. In this survey, the main soft computing

Parallel Soft Computing Control Optimization Algorithm for Uncertainty Dynamic Systems
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Abstract This research contributes to the on-going research effort by exploring alternate methods for soft computing optimization the highly nonlinear and uncertain systems. This research addresses two basic issues related to the control of an uncertain system;(1) design

Special issue on emerging trends in soft computing : memetic algorithms
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In the last few decades, evolutionary algorithms (EAs) have gradually established a strong foothold as powerful search methods in many complex disciplines ranging from arts design, business finance to science engineering. Although well established as credible

Rainfall forecasting using soft computing models and multivariate adaptive regression splines
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Abstract Long-term rainfall prediction is a challenging task especially in the modern world where we are facing the major environmental problem of global warming. In general, climate and rainfall are highly non-linear phenomena in nature exhibiting what is known as the

New EMG pattern recognition based on soft computing techniques and its application to control of a rehabilitation robotic arm
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Internet Appliance Department,

Neuro-fuzzy and soft computinga computational approach to learning and machine intelligence
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This is a book every modern control engineer should have on his/her reference bookshelf. It is worth the $89.00 price even if you have to pay for it out of your personal funds. First, it collects in one place, in consistent notation, all of the information on computational

Advances of soft computing methods in edge detection
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Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques are now commonly used to solve complex and ill-defined problems. AI a broad field and will bring different meanings for different people. John McCarthy would probably use AI as computational intelligence , while Zadeh claimed

Exploiting soft computing for increased fault tolerance
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Abstract Traditionally, fault tolerance researchers have made very strict assumptions about program correctness. Such strict notions of correctness are appropriate for workloads that are numerically oriented. However, a growing number of important workloads produce

Modeling academic performance evaluation using soft computing techniques: A fuzzy logic approach
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Abstract-We have proposed a Fuzzy Expert System (FES) for student academic performance evaluation based on fuzzy logic techniques. A suitable fuzzy inference mechanism and associated rule has been discussed. It introduces the principles behind fuzzy logic and Modern technologies have collected massive datasets from observations, experiments, and scientific simulation. Although progress has been made, it still remains a challenge to effectively and efficiently discover knowledge from such massive datasets. This is mainly

LLFI: An intermediate code level fault injector for soft computing applications
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Abstract Hardware errors are on the rise with reducing chip sizes. However, a certain class of applications called soft computing applications,(eg, multimedia applications) can tolerate most hardware errors, except those that result in outcomes that deviate significantly from the

Daily groundwater level fluctuation forecasting using soft computing technique
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ABSTRACT: The study presented here deals with forecasting daily groundwater level fluctuation (GLF) for monitoring of GLF pattern. The calculation model is based on the adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and two algorithms of artificial neural

Soft computing in economics and finance
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The initial idea behind writing this book was to present new applications of soft computing in the solution of economic and financial problems developed during the last ten years as the result of research project supervised by the author of this book in the Institute of Theoretical The SYSTEMS, MAN, AND CYBERNETICS Society is an organization within the framework of the IEEE, with professional interest in the closely interrelated fields of man machine systems, systems science, systems engineering, and cybernetics. All members of the IEEE

Software reliability modeling using soft computing technique
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ABSTRACT The application of computer system has now crossed many different fields. Software has become an essential part of many industrial, military and even commercial systems. Both in microcomputers and supercomputers, we may find programs containing

Efficiency optimization of induction motor drive using soft computing techniques
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ABSTRACT This paper presents a new approach that minimizes copper iron losses and optimizes the efficiency of a variable speed Induction motor drive. This method is based on a simple induction motor field oriented control model includes iron losses uses only

Soft computing methodologies in bioinformatics
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Abstract Bioinformatics is a promising and innovative research field in 21st century. Despite of a high number of techniques specifically dedicated to bioinformatics problems as well as many successful applications, we are in the beginning of a process to massively integrate

Robust fault detection using analytical and soft computing methods
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Abstract. The paper focuses on the problem of robust fault detection using analytical methods and soft computing . Taking into account the model-based approach to Fault Detection and Isolation (FDI), possible applications of analytical models, and first of all

Routing wireless sensor networks based on soft computing paradigms: survey
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ABSTRACT Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) are defined as dynamic, self-deployed, highly constrained structured network. Its high computational environment with limited and controlled transmission range, processing, as well as limited energy sources. The sever

Integrated intrusion detection system using soft computing .
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Abstract Intrusion Detection systems are increasingly a key part of system defense. Various approaches to Intrusion Detection are currently being used but they are relatively ineffective. Among the several soft computing paradigms, we investigated genetic algorithms and

On soft computing techniques in various areas
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ABSTRACT Soft Computing refers to the science of reasoning, thinking and deduction that recognizes and uses the real world phenomena of grouping, memberships, and classification of various quantities under study. As such, it is an extension of natural

A novel based approach for extraction of brain tumor in MRI images using soft computing techniques
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Abstract: Brain tumor diagnosis is a very crucial task. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scan can be used to produce image of any part of the body and it provides an efficient and fast way for diagnosis of the brain tumor. In the Existing Method, K-nearest neighbor is used The tremendous growth in the use of soft computing techniques in the last few years can be attributed to the advances in hardware, software and sensor technology tools. Today, we have at our disposal these very powerful tools for building intelligent systems. The main

Investigating soft computing in case-based reasoning for software cost estimation
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Software cost estimation has been the subject of intensive investigations in the field of software erwinsorino ,-i*..,..,,.,, cl, Slneering. As a result, numerous software cost estimation techniques have been proposed and investigated. To our knowledge, currently

Short-term load forecasting using soft computing techniques
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Abstract Electric load forecasting is essential for developing a power supply strategy to improve the reliability of the ac power line data network and provide optimal load scheduling for developing countries where the demand is increased with high growth rate. In this paper, The World Wide Web, or simply the Web, is a popular and interactive medium to collect, disseminate, and access an increasingly huge amount of information. Nowadays, information access on the Web is the main problem of the so called Web Information

Tuning PID controller for speed control of DC motor using soft computing techniques-A review
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Abstract This paper presented a review study of tuning of Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller for speed control of DC motor using soft computing techniques. DC motor is widely used in industries even if its maintenance cost is higher than the induction motor.

Soft-biometrics: Soft computing for biometric-applications
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Abstract Biometrics, the computer-based validation of a persons identity, is becoming more and more essential due to the increasing demand for high-security systems. A biometric system testifies the authenticity of a specific physiological or behavioral characteristic

Soft computing techniques for process control applications
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ABSTRACT Technological innovations in soft computing techniques have brought automation capabilities to new levels of applications. Process control is an important application of any industry for controlling the complex system parameters, which can greatly

Soft computing explains heuristic numerical methods in data processing and in logic programming
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Abstract We show that fuzzy logic and other soft computing approaches explain and justify heuristic numerical methods used in data processing and in logic programming, in particular, M-methods in robust statistics, regularization techniques, metric fixed point

A review of soft computing techniques for gene prediction
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In the past decade, various genomes have been sequenced in both plants and animals. The falling cost of genome sequencing manifests a great impact on the research community with respect to annotation of genomes. Genome annotation helps in understanding the biological

Comparative study of soft computing techniques for software quality model
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Abstract: Soft Computing refers to a consortium of computation methodologies. It promises to become a powerful means for obtaining solutions to problems quickly, yet accurately and acceptably. And Software Quality Model identifies fault-prone modules and no. of errors in

Soft computing optimizer for intelligent control systems design: the structure and applications
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Abstract. Soft Computing Optimizer (SCO) as a new software tool for design of robust intelligent control systems is described. It is based on the hybrid methodology of soft computing and stochastic simulation. It uses as an input the measured or simulated data

Modeling of quadruple tank system using soft computing techniques
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Abstract The quadruple-tank process has been widely used in control literature to illustrate many concepts in multivariable control, particularly, performance limitations due to multivariable right half-plane zeros. The main feature of the quadruple-tank process is the

Software cost estimation using soft computing techniques
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Abstract-Estimating the work-effort and the schedule required to develop and/or maintain a software system is one of the most critical activities in managing software projects. Software cost estimation is a challenging and onerous task. Estimation by analogy is one of the

Soft computing in decision modeling
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Soft computing offers a large variety of tools for decision making. This special issue focuses on different aspects related to soft computing and its application to decision problems. Papers were selected among the ones presented at the 5th Interantional Conference on

Soft computing model for academic performance of teachers using fuzzy logic
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ABSTRACT Worldwide National policies on higher education are giving increasing importance to improve the quality of education on offer. Consequently, the evaluation of teachers performance in teaching activity is especially relevant for the academic institutions.

Ethics of reducing power consumption in wireless sensor networks using soft computing techniques
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Abstract Power eminence controls the suitability of electrical power to user devices. A wireless sensor network is an arrangement collected of several computing and sensing devices distributed within an environment to be monitored. In this network saving power is a

Hybrid soft computing systems: where are we going
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Abstract. Soft computing is an association of computing methodologies that includes fuzzy logic, neuro-computing, evolutionary computing, and probabilistic computing. After a brief overview of Soft Computing components, we will analyze some of its most synergistic

Soft computing approach for software cost estimation
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ABSTRACT Software metric and estimation is base on measuring of software attributes which are typically related to the product, the process and the resources of software development. One of the greatest challenges for software developers is predicting the

Soft Computing Fuzzy Logic Neural Networks And Distributed Artificial Intelligence
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Thank you very much for downloading soft computing fuzzy logic neural networks and distributed artificial intelligence. Maybe you have knowledge that, people have search numerous times for their chosen books like this soft computing fuzzy logic neural networks

Rescue operation planning by soft computing techniques
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Abstract This paper presents an application of three soft computing techniques-ant colony optimisation, genetic algorithm, and neural networks to rescue operation planning. It considers the task as the multiple travelling salesmen problem and proposes suitable The rapid development of computers has not only led to an enormous increase in computing power but also to cheap mass storage media. As a result, collecting large amounts of data has nowadays become a routine in science, production, business, and commerce. However, The subject of Fuzzy Logic is progressively acquiring a well defined status. Useful distinctions are now convincingly made between several possible approaches; these can be classified in a suggestive way by using the breadth of the angle of perspective to the subject.

Fusion beats extraction from ECG using neural network based soft computing techniques
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ABSTRACT ECG ie Electrocardiogram represents electrical activity of the heart. When the ECG is abnormal, it is called arrhythmia. Millions of ECGs are taken for the diagnosis of various classes of patients, where ECG can provide a lot of information regarding the

A soft computing approach for fault prediction of electronic systems
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Abstract This paper presents a soft computing approach for intelligent online performance monitoring of electronic circuits and systems. Reliability modeling of electronic circuits can be best performed by the stressor susceptibility interaction model. A circuit or a system is