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The use of wondershare filmora version 7.8. 9 media apps in flipped classroom teaching
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Accepted: 20 August The purpose of this study is to investigate the concept of flipped classroom method in the teaching of Indonesian language curriculum using wondershare filmora version 7.8. 9 media apps. The theory of Kuhlthau was established in

Design of digital test using wondershare in supporting the blended learning with kelase platform
free download

This research was aimed to provide an overview of digital test design that created using the Wondershare application and then imported into the Kelase platform to realize good blended learning to improve students cognitive abilities. The approach of this research was

Digital test instruments based on wondersharesuperitem for supporting distance learning implementation of assessment course
free download

This research had the main objective to develop a new form/design in the development of test instruments that valid and reliable. The form of the test instrument that was developed adopted the Superitem concept and was integrated into software called Wondershare

Development of instructional multimedia for mathematics based on adobe flash and Wondershare quiz creator
free download

The purpose of this study is to determine the development of multimedia-based learning mathematics Adobe Flash (AF) and Wondershare Quiz Creator (WQC). This research is a Research and Development with ADDIE development model which has five stages

Wondershare Quiz Creator Software Improves Students Reading Comprehension at the English Education Class
free download

This research aimed at finding out whether or not the use of Wondershare Quiz Creator Software significantly improves the students reading comprehension of the English Education Program Class E and G, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Media Pembelajaran Pembuatan Quiz Fisika ( Wondershare Quizcreator Dan Edmodo)
free download

Evaluasi dari proses belajar mengajar, pemahaman pada suatu materi dapat dilakukan dengan adanya Quiz, dalam hal ini quiz fisika. Diperlukan adanya software untuk membantu proses evaluasi tersebut. Bahan dapat di download atau dilihat jika sistem terhubungNowadays. E-learning is becoming more and more common among students; therefore, the issue in e-learning environments must be given a full attention. Research approves that constructivism learning theory, whose main focus is on knowledge construction based on

Effect of Learning Media Based on Combination of Mind-Manager and Wonder Share Quiz Creator towards Students Learning Outcomes and Creative
free download

This study used a quasi-experiment with pretest-posttest control group design. The study aimed to test an effect of learning media application based on mindmanager combined wonder share quiz creator on learning outcomes and creative thinking skill of students. The

Usage of wondershare quizcreator software for assessment as a way of improving math evaluation
free download

Checking and evaluation are one of the most important elements of the learning process, because they provide information about the extent to which students achieved previously uploaded educational standards. This paper is a proposal how to improve the evaluation

The development of IT-based learning evaluation media using wondershare quiz creator on the statistics course
free download

The aim of this research is to produce an IT-based learning evaluation media for Hasyim Asyari University students, especially mathematics education study program by using the ADDIE model which consists of five stages, namely (1) analysis,(2) design,(3)

free download

This research aimed at finding out whether or not the use of Wondershare Quiz Creator Software activates the students interest in reading comprehension of the English Education Program, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Muhammadiyah University of

Development of Wondershare Quiz Creator Multiple Choice Evaluation Tools in Economic Mathematics
free download

This study aims to develop a multiple choice evaluation tool based on Wondershare Quiz Creator in economic mathematics courses, so as to produce valid evaluation tools that can be applied to students in understanding learning. This type of research is development

Development of Wondershare Quiz Creator Multiple Choice Evaluation Tools in Economic Mathematics
free download

This study aims to develop a multiple choice evaluation tool based on Wondershare Quiz Creator in economic mathematics courses, so as to produce valid evaluation tools that can be applied to students in understanding learning. This type of research is development

The Content Validity of Digital Test Items for Evaluation Courses Based on Superitem- Wondershare Using Aikens Calculation
free download

The digital test item for evaluation courses that is designed with tiered arrangements use super item concept and is showed digitally use the Wondershare application makes it easy for students to practice the quality of their critical thinking in working on test questions

The Effectiveness of Wondershare Quiz Creator to Assess Listening Skill on the Second Semester of English Education Program of Muhammadiyah University of
free download

English is as the first foreign language which is taught in the school formally. To master English, there are four basic language skills namely listening, speaking, reading and writing. Listening is a complex process in which many things happen simultaneously inside the

Effectiveness Of Using The Wondershare Quiz Creator-Based Quiz On Understanding Concept In Calculus I
free download

This study aims to determine the effectiveness of giving quizzes based on wondershare quiz creators on students ability to understand concepts in the Calculus I course. This research is an pre-experimental study with one group pretest-posttest design. This studys population

Tatwir Barnamij Wondershare Quiz Creator ala al-Kitab al-Arabiyyah baina Yadaik Kamasdar Talim al-Mustaqil
free download

Abstract Wondershare Quiz Creator is a powerful test maker that allows trainers and educators to create professional flash-based multimedia tests and surveys. The research objectives are to know the sincerity and level of ease of use (Practically) and the

Computer based problem compilation training using wondershare quiz creator for junior high school teachers
free download

Learning outcomes assessment integrated with information technology is an investment conditioning an honesty to students and increasing the credibility of the National Examinations results. On the other hand, there must be a harmony in the assessment of

The Impact Of Wonder Share Quis Creator Application To Improve Cognitive Abilities in Early Childhood
free download

This study aims to know the effect of the Wonder Share Quis Creator Application towards the ChildrenCognitive Ability of Aged 5-6 Years in B2 This studywas experimental research, with the form of one-group pretest-posttest design. The study population was B1 and B2. The

Wondershare Filmore in Teaching Vocabulary for Maritime Students
free download

In the new era of Maritime English was a must for all the seafarers working globally. It was vitally important that those involved in any operational situation communicate effectively. This study is aimed to investigate the effect of Wonder share Filmore in students

free download

The goal of Translation studies for university students can be achieved if students get lot of exercise in translating written and spoken texts. Monotone exercise that is usually given by lecturers made students get bored easily. It is also affected on students result in final

The Development of Computer Based Test Instruments using Wondershare Quiz Creator to Measure HOTS in Temperature and Heat
free download

This study aims to develop a computer-based test instrument using the valid Wondershare Quiz Creator (WQC) to measure HOTS in temperature and heat material. This study uses research and development research methods and the research design used refers to the

Wondershare Quiz Media Development in Learning Building Space Materials for Deaf Class X SMALB Students
free download

The purpose of this research is to develop a game media of mathematics on geometry materials for tenth-grade students with hearing impairment in high school special education. This research refers to the steps developed by Borg and Gall 1989 modified into 9 steps

Development of Multimedia-based Nahwu Evaluation Instruments Using Wondershare Quiz Creator
free download

The purpose of this study is to assess the use of a set of tests in Nahwu using Wondershare quiz creator based on a question bank on Nahwu used in a state university in Bandung. Employing R D, this study involved 24 sixth semester students of Arabic Department of a

Using Wondershare Quiz Creator Software to Improve Students Reading Comprehension at Muhammadiyah University of Makassar
free download

This research aimed at finding out whether or not the use of Wondershare Quiz Creator Software significantly improves the students reading comprehension of the English Education Program Class E and G, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education

Developing vocabulary materials based on quiz game through wondershare application for the seventh grade of junior high school
free download

ABSTRACT Yaqin, Muhammad Ainul. 21602073076. 2018. Developing Vocabulary Materials Based On Quiz Game through Wondershare Application for the Seventh Grade of Junior High School. Keywords: Development, Vocabulary Materials, Quiz Game, Feasibility, Wondershare

Implementing drilling technique by using wondershare quiz creator to improve the reading ability of the tenth grade students at SMKN 4 Malang
free download

Key words: Reading ability, Drilling technique, Wondershare Quiz Creator Based on the result of a preliminary study conducted to the tenth grade students of SMKN 4 Malang in the second week of January 201 it was found that the tenth grade students of SMKN 4 Malang

Development of Web-Based Disaster Preparedness Knowledge Measurement Instruments Using the Wondershare Quiz Creator Software
free download

The high risk of natural disasters in Indonesia awakens all parties to the importance of disaster mitigation. One of such efforts is increasing disaster literacy ability. The purpose of this study was to develop a valid, reliable and practical disaster preparedness knowledge

free download

This study aim to design English Reading Materials needed for students of Information Technology Program and develop English Reading Materials using Wondershare Quiz Creator for Grade XI students of Information Technology Program in SMK Negeri 9 Medan

Pelatihan Penyusunan Alat Evaluasi Berbasis Teknologi Informasi Dan Komunikasi (Program Wondershare Quiz Creator) Untuk Guru SDN Airlangga I Surabaya
free download

The community service program in the budget year was carried out with the aim of organizing community empowerment programs throughout the UPBJJ-UT region which included efforts to improve education and community welfare. Based on a description of the

The Implementation of Interactive Multimedia Learning Materials in Teaching Listening Skills.
free download

Therefore, this research aimed to implement and evaluate the interactive multimedia learning materials using Wondershare Quizcreator program and audio materials in teaching English listening skills. The research problem

The Use of Wondershare Quiz Creator Program as an Interactive Multimedia Learning Material to Improve Listening Skill (A Classroom Action Research for The First
free download

M Mualimah e-repository.perpus.iainsalatiga.ac This research analyzed the improverment of studentsa listening skill through the use of wondershare quiz creator program as an interactive multimedia learning material. The objective of the study is to describe the implementation of using of Wondershare Quiz

Using digital storytelling to save our language and culture
free download

Page 1. Copyright Wondershare Software 29TH ANNUAL INTERNATIONAL PIBBA CONFERENCE Reviving the Languages and Cultures of the Pacific June 22-2 Using Digital Storytelling to and Koschy Reuney Page 2. Copyright Wondershare Software

Digital Storytelling: A Model Program to Build Cultural Diversity and Content Knowledge
free download

Page 1. Copyright Wondershare Software Knowledge Presenter: Dr. Matilda Naputi Rivera Page 2. Copyright Wondershare Software Educators are teaching more diverse populations in general education classrooms. With the diversity that exists in classrooms today, it is

Initial Application of Computer-Based Test as a Tool for Leaners Learning Evaluation in The Industrial Revolution 4.0 Era
free download

The experiment is applied in the use of Wondershare QuizCreator as a tool for leaners learning evaluation To deal with this CBT, the researchers use WonderShare Quiz Creator, an computer application to create questions of the examination

The Development Higher Order Thinking Skill (Hots) As Questions In Chemistry Study (Solubility And Solubility Product Constant)
free download

One of the efforts that stakeholder can take of existing computer facilities in the evaluation process requires the right software, which is Wondershare Quiz Creator (WQC) Hernawati, K. (2009). Membuat Quiz / Evaluasi Dengan WonderShare Quiz. 1(November), 1 12

Not Worth the Risk Transfer then Permanently Delete Your Data
free download

MobileTrans, the popular software from Wondershare that transfers data between multiple-branded phones and tablets received an update today that offers users military-grade data destruction to erase all information from their old device after the transfer is completeA mobile application of the WondershareMobileGo software was installed in the smartphone of the health care provider where he could observe in real-time the blood pressure measurements WondershareMobileGo (http://mobilego. wondershare

Implementation and Dissemination Products Web Authentic Assessment Math to Learning Mathematics in Semarang PGRI University and Semarang State University
free download

The purpose of this study was to produce a final product in the form of web about authentic assessment math based on wondershare programme on the subject math in senior high school used in mathematics education courses at the Semarang PGRI University and Semarang

Implementing media of computer-based test for english language proficiency of vocational high school students at the borderline between indonesia and Timor Leste
free download

Quiz Creator is a software license, where the trial version can be downloaded from http://www. wondershare .com/e- learning/quizcreator/quizcreator_overview.h tml). A series of English material test has been conducted and input to the software of wonder share quiz creator

free download

Kegiatan pelatihan pembuatan media pembelajaran berbasis multimedia menggunakan perangkat lunak wondershare filmora secara keseluruhan dapat berjalan dengan baik. Guru dapat mengikuti dan memahami setiap materi yang diberikan oleh pemateri

free download

The time limit and duration of the quiz are also displayed on the quiz description as information for students who will take the quiz . Wondershare Quiz Creator is software for creating questions, quizzes, or tests online . In use, this software is very familiar and easy to operate so

A need analysis for evaluation media development of the project-based quiz creator in computer and basic network subject
free download

The development of an online examination system using web-based Wondershare Quiz Creator produces validity, practicality, and effectiveness of assessment, appropriate with the research done . Besides that, it has been proven effective, interesting and valid to have an

Pembuatan Media Video Untuk Pembelajaran Jarak Jauh di SD Negeri Batursari 6
free download

The software used was Google Photo, Wondershare Filmora, Thunkable, and PowerPoint 2020. The activity was carried out in a blended manner for four days of activity 30% teori dan 70% praktek 2 Pengembangan video pembelajaran dengan Wondershare Filmora1) Cellebrite UFED 2) Oxygen Forensic Suite 3) Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android Fig. 6. Andriller Call Logs Fig. 7. Andriller SMS snippets C. Wondershare Dr. Fone for Android Dr. Fone for Android is a data recovery software working on version 6.1.1 for Android Smartphones

No One Left Behind: Progress of Sustainable Development in South Asia
free download

Page 1. 1 NO ONE LEFT BEHIND : PROGRESS OF SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT IN SOUTH ASIA Dr. MS FATHIMA BEGUM Assistant Professor of History GTN Arts College (Autonomous), Dindigul- Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai, Tamilnadu, India Author Note

The Digitization of the Cultural Food Heritage. The Region of Bacau eCULTFOOD. Towards the processing methodology of collected audiovisual data
free download

3 Filmora Editor is available at: https://filmora. wondershare .com/utm_expid=101542311-181. h9m- KdqyQQ6r0XT7CzrVIw.0utm_referrer=https%3A%2F%2Ffilmora. wonders hare .com%2Fwhats-new-in-filmora-video-editor.html. Page 6. Andreea Macovei Petronela

Development of evaluation of mathematical communication capabilities based on information technology for junior high school students
free download

Because of this, the aim of this study was to produce an evaluation tool for IT-based learning using the Wondershare Quiz Creator software with the title of developing an IT-based mathematical communication skills evaluation tool for junior high school students who obtained

Software Tools Used for Continuous Assessment.
free download

Page 2. 120 3. Items implementation in the Wondershare QuizCreator In this sub-chapter we intend to analyse the method by means of which the assessment items were implemented in a specialised software product. The Wondershare

Emergency injury treatment for UiTM student by using courseware
free download

The software that used to developed this multimedia application courseware include Adobe Flash Professional CS Adobe Photoshop and Wondershare Filmora. The result will produce an attractive multimedia courseware of emergency injury treatment for student

Interactive Animated Design Introduction of Indonesian State Map in Basic School 15 Tibang Banda Aceh Based on Multimedia
free download

Software used in this research is Adobe Professional CS Adobe Photoshop, and Wondershare Filmora. The method used in this study is a qualitative method which is a research method that is more focused with the situation or the phenomena studied

Attitudes of Educational Qualification Diploma Students Towards Program of Designing E-Tests (WQC) A Field Study in The Faculty of Education at Tishreen
free download

A Harba Tishreen University Journal-Arts and Humanities journal.tishreen.edu.sy ?????????????????????????u??( WonderShare Quiz Creator ) ??????????????????????????????????. ?????????????: ??????????E???????????u??( WonderShare Quiz Creator ) ???????????????????‎

Augmented reality of traditional food for nutrition education
free download

To make the videos, this paper uses Wondershare Filmora software. In an attempt of making AR MaUgiz compatible to many platform, a Unity 3D is employed Videos are made and rendered using Wondershare Filmora software

Application of Linked List Algorithm Based on Multimedia
free download

This application was created using Adobe Flash CS 6 and Wondershare QuizCreator 4. The contents of this application display data management simulations using a linked list with interesting animations so that it can help lecturers and students in the learning process

Modern approach to improving the math evaluation process
free download

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Wondershare quiz creator software. ??????????.?

Multimodality image fusion method for guiding minimally invasive surgery in prostate cancer
free download

recorded. These images were then fused with videos of surgical procedure. Various algorithms and softwares like Windows movie maker, Filmora ( wondershare ), Movavi, AVS, Sony Vegas, Virtual dub, Bynder etc. Results: Weevaluated for seizures. Audio tracks from the 16 24 h video recordings from the video-EEG monitoring studies were extracted ( Wondershare Video Editor; Wondershare Shenzhen, China) and converted into MP3 files. The MP3

Online learning course for Edexcel IGCSE Chemistry for Colombo International School
free download

The learning Management System used in this project is Moodle and all the features provided by MOODLE were utilized. The eLearning course materials were developed using various tools such as Raptivity, wonder share Camtasia etc and they were tested with students

free download

for promotion. Keywords: Wedding Reception, Animation 3D, 3D Blender, Wondershare Filmora Abstrak Perancangan desain untuk promosi. Kata Kunci: ResepsiPernikahan, Animasi 3D, Blender 3D, Wondershare Filmora. 1. PENDAHULUAN

free download

Keywords: Home Interior Design, 3ds Max, Wondershare Filmora Abstrak Perancangan Modelling dan animasi 3D desain interior rumah ini menggunakan software 3ds Max.dan Wondershare Filmora digunakan untuk Proses editing video dan pemberian sound